Over 40 years on the water with you

Much more than a drogue

  • Anti-surfing/broaching device
  • Emergency steering
  • Stabilizer
  • Sea anchor
  • Anti-roll device at anchor
  • Spare man overboard device

Unique Features

  • Twice the drag of conventional sea anchors & drogues
  • Up to 11 applications including emergency steering
  • Superior durability
  • Doesn’t rotate and is tangle free
  • Formally tested by credible authorities and institutions
  • Original design

The Seabrake is the chief product of Seabrake International and is the original patented invention of Captain John Abernethy. The drogue comes in a range of sizes and is suitable for power and sail boats. Customised models can be ordered. Australian & Foreign Patents.

Much more than a drogue

Seabrake’s unique principle operates through the disbursement of water flow to induce local turbulence creating a variable pressure wave which is activated by speed through the water. The greater the flow through the unit, the greater the drag effect. As the water is disbursed evenly through the four (4) exhaust ports at the base of the Seabrake it tracks truly with no rotation, providing endless hours of tangle free operation and reliability.

Strong Durable Construction

Designed and manufactured to absorb very high loads, Seabrake is manufactured from durable high density polyester fabric, heavy grade polyester thread and high strength polyester webbing with stainless steel wire hoops and towing thimble. Every Seabrake is supplied with its own easy to reference laminated Rigging and Application guide. 

Size Guide



“With our Seabrake our life was suddenly very pleasant. I think that without it we should have lost the boat. Without a doubt, any multi-hull sailor who has aspirations of sailing in those conditions and who has not got one of these devices on board is crazy”.

Sir Peter Blake, “Steinlager 1” Winner of the Bicentennial Round Australia Race, Winner of the Whitbread Round The World Race, Winner of the Americas Cup

“It is a very valuable asset to our Squad’s operations”.

Mr L. F. Lister, Secretary – Mackay Air Sea Rescue Squad

“Nothing beats Seabrake”.

Captain George Mansfield, Boat US Tow Boat One, Jupiter, Florida USA

“Would have no hesitation in recommending it for the general use of the boating public”.

A. Musolino, Commodore the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard

“I now know ‘Seabrake’ is one of the greatest safety devices ever invented. Every small ship should carry a ‘Seabrake’. I base this information from my own experience on a trip across the Great Australian Bight, and 40 years as a professional seaman in Bass Strait”.

Brian F. Newman, 40 years as a Commercial Fisherman in Bass Strait

“We were able to use the Seabrake to steer the vessel some 30-40 miles to a harbour entrance after the rudder snapped off, preventing a potentially dangerous situation arising and allowing us to reach port safely with confidence”.

Mr Declan J. Mansfield, The “John Galt” 1988 London-Sydney, Bicentennial Tall Ships Race

“Even under a bare mast in severe following gales, the yacht will occasionally race down the face of a breaking wave and broach, but your Seabrake is the magic answer to that”.

Jonathon W. Sanders, O.B.E. Triple circumnavigation of the world, non-stop.