Earth Day: For Cleaner Oceans

Earth Day: For Cleaner Oceans

It’s no secret that we have a huge problem with the amount of plastic and other rubbish in our waterways and oceans. Sadly, if we don’t start changing the way we think and act, by 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish! This is overwhelming and might not seem like you can make much of a difference, but you really can.

We decided to hit the water with Sydney by Kayak and do our little bit.


Hitting the waterways, armed with buckets and litter picker sticks, we collected rubbish from Sydney Harbour, including micro-plastics, cigarette butts, chip packets and countless bits of foam.


In just over one hour we managed to remove 14.7kg of rubbish from Sydney Harbour.


It was really sad seeing how much rubbish we collected, but satisfying to know how much of a difference this is making.

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