A Sailing Community for Military Veterans

A Sailing Community for Military Veterans

With humble beginnings in 2017, calling themselves "Four Men in Boat", a simple name to represent a crew of veterans fumbling their way into sailing around Sydney.

In 2018 they became known as the Saltwater Veterans. Their vision remains to foster a veteran (and their families), be community connected "On, In and Around Water".

Saltwater Veterans is family-operated and community-facing, with a common vision - supporting others who, at one time or another, have needed that little help with social re-engagement via the wind-powered, kinetic motion that is sailing.

The Saltwater Veterans say they have a simple mission; to support the health and wellness of current and former service military personnel and their families by reducing social isolation, commonly associated from being wounded, injured or sick.

By empowering participants with resources and opportunities for sustained engagement within the sailing community they are helping to overcome this.

Co-founder and Sailing Coach Scott Reynolds says "our families and volunteers are our greatest supporters. We seek to inspire and empower all veterans through our inclusive 'On, In & Around the water' activities."

"We actively support our local communities across Australia and we have deep appreciation and gratitude to all those that support us."

Burke Marine are proud to be supporters of Saltwater Veterans.

To find out more visit saltwaterveterans.org

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