We all know it's extremely important to wear a lifejacket at all times, especially when offshore or ocean racing. An important addition to your lifejacket is the SeaFlash Lifejacket Safety Light. Easy to install, it's suitable for all models of Burke lifejackets.

Sea Flash®

The Sea Flash® is an extremely bright SOLAS approved lifejacket light, that is lightweight, compact, and has a 5 year maintenance free life from the date of manufacture. 

  • Sea Flash® lights use a trailing wire to make sure the extremely bright LED light automatically activates when you enter the water.
  • Simply test the light by placing the trailing wire into water and the light will activate. Turn off by simply pressing the red button. An expiry date is displayed on the unit.
  • Sea Flash® can be activated manually (both on and off) when the water sensor is in the water by simply pressing the red button on the front of the main body of the unit.



Easy Installation: