Performance Breathable Fabric

Burke Marine Breathables are the next revolution in protective marine clothing, where comfort and durability are paramount. The team at Burke have developed two breathables which are used throughout the Burke Breathable range. The face side of these fabrics has been treated with a water repellent finish that allows water to bead and run off. This reduces the wet weight and increases the warmth of the garment when wet.

PB20 Performance Breathable can take the kind of beating Bass Strait throws at you. Its solid non porous membrane laminated between two layers of fabric is 100% waterproof yet it allows 1200g/m of perspiration vapour to escape through the membrane's polymer molecules every 24 hours - no matter what the conditions. As the body's temperature increases inside the garment, the molecules in this "smart" fabric move more rapidly, increasing the size of the intermolecular spaces and facilitating the transfer of perspiration to the outside. In addition, because it is hydrophilic ("water loving") like cotton and wool, the membrane actually helps to move perspiration from the body to the outside, which increases comfort.

PB20 is designed to offer very high levels of comfort, durability and mobility.

CB10 is designed for coastal/harbour boating. CB10 is waterproof and breathable - it uses micro porous coating technology applied to the inside face of durable nylon fabric. Perspiration is transferred through the CB10 micro porous coating making it many times more comfortable than traditional wet weather gear.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are breathable garments waterproof?

All Burke breathable products bearing the above logos are 100% waterproof. The fabric itself is waterproof and all the seams are sewn and tape welded to ensure the entire product is 100% waterproof.

Does breathable fabric get blocked up and stop breathing?

Yes, it can. To avoid this we recommend rinsing in fresh water every four to five weeks.

Can I wash my breathables or non-breathables?

Yes, wash with pure soap in warm water by hand and rinse in fresh water or as per the care instructions. Don't wash in a washing machine, dry clean, bleach, use any solvents, petrol, kerosene, diesel, washing powders, soaking agents or detergents. Also by very careful of chlorine - rinsing in chlorine can be fatal for your gear. Contact with any of these chemicals and many others can cause the waterproof coating to dissolve or delaminate.

Can sunscreen harm my wet weather gear?

Yes, continual build-up of sunscreen over a period can act as a chemical and deteriorate the waterproof coating on your gear . Simply rinse your gear in fresh water if exposed to sunscreen to avoid this.

What happens if I leave my wet weather gear wet for long periods?

Leaving any wet weather gear stored wet for long periods can cause mildew, delamination of the waterproof coating/membrane and colour transfer.

Can I treat my breathable gear the same as my old PVC gear?

Basically, no. Breathable fabric is cutting edge technology that works completely differently from the old PVC of times gone by. Where as PVC could withstand a certain level of abuse, breathables need to be treated carefully to ensure top performance. Unlike PVC, breathables deliver unbeatable comfort. They keep you much dryer, tend to be lighter in weight and are more flexible. A great advantage for sailors.

Are all breathables the same?

No. Durability and breathability can vary greatly from product to product and brand to brand. All in all, it can seem very confusing and complicated when it comes to choosing the right gear. The difference in price usually reflects the quality and performance of the fabric used. Below is a guide to fabrics on the market and how the Burke range performs within this context.

Gortex uses Teflon technology and delivers the greatest durability and breathability. It is designed for round the world and offshore sailing where gear will be worn and used for long periods of time. It performs very well in extreme climates. It is priced to reflect this.
Burke's PB20 Offshore performs just under Gortex - it's breathability and durability make it Burke's leading breathable. It is designed for ocean passages where wet weather gear will be worn for several days at a time. It's perfect for the Sydney to Hobart race. And is the best value high-end breathable fabric available in Australia.

Burke's CB10 Coastal sits a tier under the PB20. It delivers a medium level of breathability and durability. Designed for coastal sailing where wet weather gear is worn for shorter periods and less frequently. CB10 is a great fabric used in many Burke products and is the best value mid level breathable available in Australia