Seabin Project

Seabin's mission statement is simple: To live in a world without the need for Seabins.
It may seem like a contradiction but at the end of the day, marine litter should not be in the water in the first place. The idea was if there was rubbish bins on land, why not in the water? Over time, the scope of the project evolved into a comprehensive research, technology, and educational initiative with global interest and reach.
This aligns perfectly with Burke's love for the ocean and wanting to have future generations enjoy it as much as we do.
The world’s marinas, ports and yacht clubs are the perfect place to start helping clean our oceans.
With no huge open ocean swells or storms inside the marinas, these relatively controlled environments provide the perfect locations for Seabin installations.
We had our very own Seabin installed at the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron - in our very own backyard! This is the first step to many more in partnering with the Seabin Project.
Each Burke Marine purchase contributes to helping keep our oceans clean.
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