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Safety First - Is Your Safety Equipment in Order?

Safety First - Is Your Safety Equipment in Order?


We all know that Lifejackets are the most important piece of safety equipment on any recreational vessel. An approved lifejacket must be carried for each person on board most vessels. It must be the correct size for the wearer, in good condition and, if an inflatable lifejacket, properly serviced.

Now's a good time in the year to make sure your lifejacket is in good working order.

You can find your local Burke Lifejacket Certified Service Agent on our website here - or for more information on how to Self-Service your lifejacket, check out our blog post 'How To: Self Inspect Your Inflatable Lifejacket' and 'Which Lifejacket is Suitable for You?'

To view our entire lifejacket range, click here.

Horseshoe Life Buoy:

Additional marine safety equipment that you must have accessible on your boat includes the Horseshoe Life Buoy.

Make sure your Life Buoy isn't suffering from serious wear-and-tear and needing replacing. 
Burke's Horseshoe Life Buoy is made from flexible closed foam with zero water retention and offers continuous floatation. It comes with a double coated P.V.C nylon cover, external rope handle, whistle and reflective patches. Complies with AYF special regulations 4.17 and 4.21 when self-ignighting light and drogue are attached.

Retriever Float Lifesling and Stowbag:

An integrated rescue float and lifting sling for man overboard rescue and recovery is not compulsory to have on your vessel, however is highly recommended. Easy to use and store, this low maintenance closed cell foam flotation has retro-reflective patches, wraparound heavy duty webbing straps and 45 mts of 8mm floating line.

Complete with printed instructions and a reinforced PVC stow bag that is easy to attach and remove from boats rail when not underway. Meets YA SR 4.21 Lifebuoy requirement when a self-igniting light fitted.

Throw Bag:

An alternate option for man overboard, is our compact throw bag has 15.2 metres of 3 strand floating line stowed in a nylon bag. Easy to use, simply grasp the hand loop at the draw string end with your non-throwing hand and throw bag at target. 

Safety equipment table - to be carried on board

For all equipment that is required to be on board, please see table below. This will help guide as a checklist to ensure all your safety gear is in order.



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